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Physical Requirements

Physical Requirement Statement for the AS in Media Arts Program

The A.S. in Media Arts is designed to ready students for entry into the media industries, and because of the physically demanding mature of media production, emphasis is placed on safe and proper set-up and operation of equipment.

Specific physical abilities are required to fulfill needed tasks:

Gross motor skills sufficient to lift, sit and stand for long periods, and mobility sufficient to bend, kneel, squat, reach, and carry 10-40 lbs of equipment above waist height.

Includes lifting and carrying 10-40 lb cases of audio/visual equipment; lifting this equipment to required heights; and standing for multiple hours in-studio or on location during production.

Abilities sufficient to receive, interpret, and communicate information in an accurate, timely and efficient manner.

Includes headset communications during productions; ability to read broadcast copy on-air; ability to read from a teleprompter; ability to re-write wire copy.

Visual acuity sufficient to perceive and manipulate computer displays – both with a mouse and by touch-screen. Eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills to operate various equipment.

Includes using audio/video editing software; manipulating fine dials, buttons and switches on cameras, microphones, and audio and video consoles.

If you feel you are unable to perform one or more of these functions, please consult with Access-Ability Services in room D205, or by email (AAS@kbcc.cuny.edu) or by phone (718-368-5175), to determine whether a reasonable accommodation can be provided. Determination is made on an individual basis as to whether or not necessary accommodations or modifications can be made reasonably.